Tuesday, March 4, 2014

DAY 224

My life of late has been a series of bad hair days and due to that I've begun playing the "let's seen how many different ways to cover up this disaster I can find" game. Seeing as I have a collection of bandanas that has taken over half my bathroom storage (the product of many years of wishing I was a cowgirl in elementary school and stealing vintage handkerchiefs from my grandma's house), I have been incorporating them in lieu of hats.

To complement this pink one, I wore my deep purple skinny jeans and a simple grey tank. The black and white boldly patterned sweater was needed otherwise the outfit would be a lot more boring. Since both the headpiece and the sweater have bold patterns, you would think they wouldn't go together, but the key to wearing two patterns (it's not the fashion faux pas that everyone says it is!) is to find two patterns that complement each other and balance out. In this case, one of the patterns was black and white while the other was more brightly coloured, and one pieces was a lot larger than the other one. Also, both pieces complement other pieces of the outfit- the grey tank and the coloured pants- so they work together.

Scarf- Vintage
Tank- H&M
Sweater- my mother's
Skinny jeans-Cotton On
Booties- JustFab

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