Sunday, February 23, 2014

DAY 223

I had a super busy day of loads of errands due to the fact that big sis week (aka the crafting week from hell) is coming up. I have never seen so many ribbons and different paint colours in my entire life, and until today had no idea how to use modge podge or what it even was. After a day of crafting, I am sad to report that I still don't really know what modge podge is and the only noticeable difference in my apartment is the amount of glue on the floor left over from my attempts at using a glue gun.

In addition to the need for a comfortable outfit, it was also circa 60 degrees outside (idk anymore, Cville weather), so I wanted to wear layers. I went with this feather print shirt with flared jeans (it was colder in the morning) and a knit cardigan over top that I took off later. Not sure if they're really visible in this photo, but I also wore my favourite big sunglasses. I love big sunglasses- I'm talking the obnoxiously big ones that cover 1/3 of your face- for this summer. I feel like aviators or those round hipster ones are a bit overworn (although I love them), so I've been wearing these a lot to switch it up lately. I love the retro feel they add to an outfit!

Top- Zara
Jeans- American Eagle
Cardigan- United Colours of Bennetton
Boots- JustFab
Sunglasses- Vintage

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