Thursday, February 20, 2014

DAY 221

I kid you not, it was 60 degrees today. I may have gone a tad overboard and refused to wear a jacket even though 60 is not even close to appropriate non-jacket-wearing weather.

Today's look plays into two of my biggest fashion loves: the 90s and men's attire. I know the last one is strange, but seriously: if you've ever worn a guy's shirt/sweater/t-shirt/jacket, you KNOW how comfortable they are. Oversized styles (aka perfect for leggings), often thick materials (go-to for cold weather), and simple patterns or colours (so they go with literally everything) make men's fashion a huge component of my wardrobe. This polo is my dad's, and I love it because it's comfy AF and also because polo shirts are something that you don't really see in women's fashion- and often with good reason. I only like polos that have a vintage feel to them, and steer clear of anything vaguely Abercrombie-esq.

I paired this polo with leather leggings and my white high-top all stars, which was a nice break from boots.

Polo- my dad's
All-star high tops in Ivory

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