Thursday, January 23, 2014

DAY 206

The high-low skirt and dress trend is a trend that, in my opinion, needs to die. I personally don't like the cut and after sticking around for a few seasons, I think the trend has had more than enough time in the spotlight.

However, I've been seeing a lot of shirts lately that are cut in a similar style. It's common for shirts to be a little longer in the back than in the front, but 2013 saw the advent of a far more pronounced hemline. While mostly for crop tops, this shirt has transitioned into winter and is perfect for lazy days! Since it covers your butt, you can wear it with leggings and still look put together while not having to wear pants. Win-win. 

The shirt I'm wearing is actually my roommates, and I love how it has two completely different patterns or textures: crochet in the front of the top and plain, knit sleeves. Since it is so drastic of a cut, I paired a tank underneath so I didn't freeze (unfortunately, there is still snow on the ground that WILL NOT MELT and makes my daily walk to class a near death experience). I finished off the look with leather leggings- a bit dressier than plain black ones- and over the knee boots.

Top- Charming Charlie
Tank- American Rag
Leather leggings-
Spike earrings- Greece

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