Friday, January 17, 2014

DAY 204

Yesterday I heard someone talking about how dumb it was to wear white jeans in the winter.
So today, I decided to wear white jeans in the winter.

This is less in the spirit of rebellion against "fashion rules" and more out of desperation due to the whole not-repeating-outfits-for-365-days being a royal pain in the ass when it comes to trying to put together new outfits out of my small college apartment closet. I like wearing white jeans the winter anyways though because I love the contrast of dark colours and heavy knits against summery pants! 

To balance out the outfit, I paired a flannel with my white skinny jeans and wore my black buckle ankle boots.  To tie in the colours of the flannel, I paired a solid tank top underneath with the same burnt orange colour as the detailing on the flannel. I'd say that as long as you refrain from loose flowy tanks or chiffon shirts with your white pants (you'd freeze if you wore them anyway), it's perfectly ok to wear white jeans past labor day. To hell with fashion rules.

Pants- American Eagle
Flannel- my mother's but I think it's from LL Bean
Tank Top- American Rag
Boots- JustFab

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