Monday, January 13, 2014

DAY 201

Because of sorority recruitment, I've had a pretty busy last few days and have neglected to update this page due to a lack of sleep, a lack of me being in my apartment, and a lack of desire to upload photos at midnight when I finally get around to having time. Thankfully, we have a few days off until the next round, so I decided to share what I wore for one round yesterday.

The first rounds are always more casual. I have learned, however, that recruitment "casual" is synonymous with everyone looking like they came straight out of a JCrew advert- if I see one more pearl necklace or pair of riding boots, I might punch someone in the face. As evidenced by my previous posts, my style is far from preppy (for the most part), so I had a bit of trouble finding suitable outfits. Needless to say my moto buckle booties and baggy t-shirts did not pass dress checks, so I instead put together a sweater-and-boot ensemble that was a little more my style. 

I borrowed this mustard coloured sweater from a friend and paired it with a long pendant necklace to replace the pearl or bauble necklaces that most people wore. Then, I traded in riding boots for my cognac coloured buckle booties (a step up from my black leather ones) to complete the outfit! I also wore a dark red (almost brown) lipstick because I love the colour combination against the mustard yellow of the sweater.

Sweater- Urban Outfitters
Jeans- American Eagle
Necklace- Greece
Booties- JustFab

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