Tuesday, January 7, 2014

DAY 198

Today was my last day home before I return to university for sorority recruitment. Therefore, in true fashion I ended up spending most of the day shopping last minute. UVA is great but the shopping selection is royally awful.. you're essentially limited to J Crew or Old Navy unless you want to make the long drive to what is an equally pathetic mall. 

In an uncharacteristically trusting move, I impulse bought this bat-wing cardigan from a Chinese seller on eBay a few months ago. I hate online shopping- not being able to try things on and complicated return policies give me anxiety- so I usually steer clear of it unless absolutely necessary... this purchase was neither necessary nor justified: I do NOT need any more cardigans, and I've never in my life ordered anything from eBay.

The quality of this sweater is really bad- it showed up a few weeks late with no tags and it looks like it's designed for a 7 year old. Despite being way too short and not nearly what I had in mind, I paired it with a simple red shirt and jeans with black over the knee boots for a casual shopping look. At least it survived the washing machine! Lesson learned: never buy anything you intend on wearing seriously from eBay. Amazon for me. 

Red top- Zara
Skinny Jeans- American Eagle
Cardigan- eBay
Ring- Skiathos, Greece
Earrings- Forever 21
Boots- JustFab.com

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