Saturday, January 4, 2014

DAY 196

Days like today are when it is difficult to commit to this whole 365-day-blogging thing. I'm still on winter break, which means that for the most part I have very little to do and I sleep for most of the day. Unless I start posting photos of sweatshirts and my legging collection, it's proving to be challenging to get out of bed and come up with a semi-acceptable outfit.

To maximize comfort without sacrificing style, I compromised today by wearing an oversized cream cardigan that I buttoned and added a scarf over. Combined with ankle booties and my jeggings, it was a comfortable outfit that also works for errands or other casual activities where you still want to look semi put together.

 I like outfits like these because they take staple items that are a part of every lazy winter day and dress them up in some way. This cotton, button up cardigan replaces the baggy sweater you've worn everyday for a week, the silky printed scarf is a more elegant version of a basic knit scarf, and the slight heel and buckle detailing on the ankle booties add style to an otherwise very basic and comfortable everyday boot. 

Scarf- Italy
Cardigan- my mother's
Jeans- American Eagle

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