Thursday, January 2, 2014

DAY 194

My New Years Eve outfit was significantly less sparkly than others',  from what I can tell from Facebook photos. I chose an all-black look to stay true to the dress code of NYE (sparkles or black) in some way. I wore my favourite faux leather leggings and a simple black chiffon top that has a deep V-neck. 

For my shoes, I opted for these black buckle boots because I was in New York- aka a LOT of walking in the cold. We had dinner at a French restaurant called Tartinery, then headed to bars to celebrate the new year. It was exhausting and freezing, and we ended up resorting to this sketchy Mexican bar but we got free drinks and peanuts, and at the end of the day what more could you need? It was a great new year but I am thankful to be back in a mildly less hectic climate to finish up my winter holiday. 

Top- Love Culture
Leggings- Tobi
Booties- JustFab
Earrings- Greece
Coin necklace- Greece

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