Thursday, January 30, 2014


I love many different things, and while fashion is definitely at the top of that list, so is food. More specifically, eating food. So I've decided to take a little break in my usual fashion blogging because 1) I'm currently sitting here writing this in a thrifted sweater with a cat on the front and no pants (very chic) and 2) today I made something that is potentially life-changing and needs to be shared with the world.

This potentially life-changing thing is hot chocolate brownies.

Yes, that is in fact brownies made from hot chocolate mix. And they are damn good. 

This recipe was created out of sheer desperation at a dark time in my life (this afternoon) when I had no ready food in my apartment, and even worse, no chocolate. All I had were a few Swiss Miss packets and three hours to kill while watching "The Wolf of Wall Street". Thus, hot chocolate brownies were born.

They are ridiculously easy to make and taste so so good, especially if you take them out a little before they are fully cooked! I made one tray and they are already gone. 10/10 would recommend to a friend.

  • ½ cup vegetable oil
  • 1 cup granulated sugar
  • 1 tsp. vanilla extract
  • 2 eggs
  • ½ cup flour
  • 3-4 hot chocolate mix packets (just plain ones, make sure there aren't marshmallows!) or about 1/2 cup hot chocolate powder
  • ¼ tsp. baking powder
  • ¼ tsp. salt
1) Preheat your oven to 350 degrees and line an 8x8, 9x9, or 9" round cake pan, depending on the desired thickness, with parchment paper. Spray some Pam on the parchment paper (including the sides of the pan).
2) In a mixing bowl, combine the oil, sugar, and vanilla, then whisk in the eggs and mix until thoroughly combined. Make sure there are no granules left!
3) In a slightly smaller bowl, stir the flour, hot chocolate mix, baking powder, and salt.
4) Add the flour mixture to the oil mixture and stir well. Pour into pan, and bake for about 35-40 minutes. **I recommend checking around 30 minutes in case you want a gooey-er consistency**
5) Let sit to cool for about five minutes before cutting, then enjoy! 

These would be BOMB with either whipped cream or with vanilla ice cream, so get creative! Calories don't count when it comes to chocolate.


DAY 210

The nautical trend is not just for the summer anymore- long, draped shirts/sweaters with navy and white stripes are perfect for the winter months too as long as you find warm enough material. I wore this shirt with skinny jeans and over the knee boots for an easy and put together look. My favourite part is that it transitions well for a low-key night out too so I didn't have to change! 

Top- my roommate's!
Jeans- American Eagle
Boots- JustFab
Necklace- Greece

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

DAY 209

A trend that I've been loving is the cowl-necked sweater. They're a classy and timeless alternative to your standard baggy sweater and can be found in most stores- I like this basic one from Banana Republic. 

I paired my forest green one with some khaki skinny jeans and ankle booties for a simple and chic look that is still comfortable and wearable for classes. To dress this sweater up, switch the khaki skinny jeans for either a leather legging or tailored skinny pant and replace the flat booties with strappy heels like these Tony Bianco ones

Sweater- Marshalls
Khaki pants- Forever 21
Booties- JustFab
Earrings- clip ons (I know) from my mother


Sunday, January 26, 2014

DAY 208

As visible by my wearing glasses, today was not a day where I looked my finest. I spent most of it studying (aka facebook stalking everyone I know followed by some aggressive pinterest-ing till I had no choice but to read about media policy and net neutrality) at this cute cafe so I felt it was ok to wear my glasses. I never wear them outside the house because I hate how they look, so ignore them!

I went for a simple and comfortable look, pairing a scarf and a knit cardigan with stretchy black pants that are really leggings but I can pass off as pants. Kind of a step up from my sorority spirit jersey and yoga pants, amirite? 

Cardigan- eBay
Scarf- Italy
White shirt- My mother's
Pants- Marshall's
Booties- JustFab
Belt- Vintage

Friday, January 24, 2014

DAY 207

I'm taking it upon myself to start a "Flannel Friday" revolution due to my overuse of flannel anyway in the hopes that it will become socially acceptable to wear flannel every day of the week. Today I wore my favourite oversized flannel shirt unbuttoned with a simple blue shirt underneath and skinny jeans. Paired with buckle ankle boots, it's the perfect casual outfit for a friday or any day of the week really.

What you don't know is that I'm wearing leggings under my jeans. Not about this 7 degree weather. #chic #mode #style!!!

Flannel- thrifted
Jeans- American Eagle
Boots- JustFab
Blue shirt- American Eagle

Thursday, January 23, 2014

DAY 206

The high-low skirt and dress trend is a trend that, in my opinion, needs to die. I personally don't like the cut and after sticking around for a few seasons, I think the trend has had more than enough time in the spotlight.

However, I've been seeing a lot of shirts lately that are cut in a similar style. It's common for shirts to be a little longer in the back than in the front, but 2013 saw the advent of a far more pronounced hemline. While mostly for crop tops, this shirt has transitioned into winter and is perfect for lazy days! Since it covers your butt, you can wear it with leggings and still look put together while not having to wear pants. Win-win. 

The shirt I'm wearing is actually my roommates, and I love how it has two completely different patterns or textures: crochet in the front of the top and plain, knit sleeves. Since it is so drastic of a cut, I paired a tank underneath so I didn't freeze (unfortunately, there is still snow on the ground that WILL NOT MELT and makes my daily walk to class a near death experience). I finished off the look with leather leggings- a bit dressier than plain black ones- and over the knee boots.

Top- Charming Charlie
Tank- American Rag
Leather leggings-
Spike earrings- Greece

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

DAY 205

I am well aware that I have abandoned this blog for the better part of a week, but I have an excuse. I had sorority stuff all week, mostly involving glitter and tutus, and I would get back home circa midnight. Hence the lack of fashionable outfits, but I'm baaaackkkk!

I'm not exactly returning with a great and unique outfit, unfortunately, because I had to get up super early to catch up on readings I've missed due to recruitment. Also, it snowed all day today. I didn't want to wear a scarf, so I wore a light blue turtleneck instead and kept the rest of the outfit very simple with black over the knee boots and skinny jeans.

I keep getting made fun of due to my love of turtlenecks, but they are honestly one of my favourite trends for Winter 2013-2014! All those who mock them have clearly never worn one. It's like wearing a sweater and a scarf without all the bulkiness.. THEY'RE BACK, OK?

Turtleneck- from my mom
Jeans- American Eagle
Boots- Just Fab


Friday, January 17, 2014

DAY 204

Yesterday I heard someone talking about how dumb it was to wear white jeans in the winter.
So today, I decided to wear white jeans in the winter.

This is less in the spirit of rebellion against "fashion rules" and more out of desperation due to the whole not-repeating-outfits-for-365-days being a royal pain in the ass when it comes to trying to put together new outfits out of my small college apartment closet. I like wearing white jeans the winter anyways though because I love the contrast of dark colours and heavy knits against summery pants! 

To balance out the outfit, I paired a flannel with my white skinny jeans and wore my black buckle ankle boots.  To tie in the colours of the flannel, I paired a solid tank top underneath with the same burnt orange colour as the detailing on the flannel. I'd say that as long as you refrain from loose flowy tanks or chiffon shirts with your white pants (you'd freeze if you wore them anyway), it's perfectly ok to wear white jeans past labor day. To hell with fashion rules.

Pants- American Eagle
Flannel- my mother's but I think it's from LL Bean
Tank Top- American Rag
Boots- JustFab

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

DAY 203

In today's edition of Elly Wears Cardigans, I chose my favourite red knit one and paired it with a simple white tshirt and skinny jeans. Since it was cold af today and eventually even snowed, I added an infinity scarf to keep my cold from worsening. 

For accessories I kept it basic with a pair of gold stud earrings. I've really been into big stud earrings lately as oppose to dangly earrings or more demure studs- I got these in a pack of three from Forever 21. Since I'm pretty sure they cost under $4, I plan on stocking up on more of these statement studs because I tend to lose earrings like no other. Try a bolder pair in a different shape or colour instead of a statement necklace or big earrings to switch up your accessories this season!

Cardigan- mom's closet
Jeans- American Eagle
Shirt- Esprit
Scarf- Lord & Taylor 
Booties- JustFab
Earrings- Forever 21

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

DAY 202

A large part of my wardrobe is actually men's fashion. I love wearing oversized button downs or sweaters either on their own or layered. They're so so comfortable and give off a 90's-vibe to your whole outfit.

Today I paired a red button down over a grey top and leather leggings. Still a really casual look that's perfect for everyday or class but it's a step up from your sorority t-shirt you wear everyday! Shop your dad's or brother's closets when looking for great casual clothing. If that fails, try Goodwill- I can guarantee you will find an array of comfy flannels or sweaters. 

Button down- Banana Republic
Grey shirt- Urban Outfitters
Leather leggings- Tobi
Boots- JustFab

Monday, January 13, 2014

DAY 201

Because of sorority recruitment, I've had a pretty busy last few days and have neglected to update this page due to a lack of sleep, a lack of me being in my apartment, and a lack of desire to upload photos at midnight when I finally get around to having time. Thankfully, we have a few days off until the next round, so I decided to share what I wore for one round yesterday.

The first rounds are always more casual. I have learned, however, that recruitment "casual" is synonymous with everyone looking like they came straight out of a JCrew advert- if I see one more pearl necklace or pair of riding boots, I might punch someone in the face. As evidenced by my previous posts, my style is far from preppy (for the most part), so I had a bit of trouble finding suitable outfits. Needless to say my moto buckle booties and baggy t-shirts did not pass dress checks, so I instead put together a sweater-and-boot ensemble that was a little more my style. 

I borrowed this mustard coloured sweater from a friend and paired it with a long pendant necklace to replace the pearl or bauble necklaces that most people wore. Then, I traded in riding boots for my cognac coloured buckle booties (a step up from my black leather ones) to complete the outfit! I also wore a dark red (almost brown) lipstick because I love the colour combination against the mustard yellow of the sweater.

Sweater- Urban Outfitters
Jeans- American Eagle
Necklace- Greece
Booties- JustFab

Friday, January 10, 2014

DAY 200

I am ALWAYS running late. Like, whenever I have to be somewhere at 9, people always tell me that we have to be there at 8:30, to ensure that I'm out of bed. Today I was having  one of those late days, so I ended up keeping the t-shirt I slept in and leaving my apartment in under 15 minutes. 

Unfortunately, that t-shirt happened to be my Full House graphic tee I stole from my friend. Yes, it does say "You Got It, Dude" with a picture of a young Ashley/MK Olsen on it... anyway, it was comfortable and it oddly enough wasn't met with as much mockery as I expected. I wore it with my burgundy skinny jeans and a chunky cardigan, and added some cognac coloured booties to dress it up a lil bit. 

To dress up a graphic tee, I really like throwing a blazer over it and pairing it with either some leather leggings or boyfriend jeans (quite a contrast, but both look good!) and some pointy toe pumps. I would probably swap the yellow Full House one for a more muted colour and more mature print, but the overall effect is very chic and crisp! Or ditch the blazer a la Cara Delevingne, as seen in this photo here

Skinny jeans- Cotton On
Cardigan- United Colours of Bennetton
T-shirt- Delia's I think 
Boots- JustFab

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

DAY 199

Today's outfit is a product of a long and busy day in which I was running off 4 hours of sleep. I finally got back to uni and unpacked everything (my new clothes barely fit in my closet), so what I wore today is pretty simple and yet another cardigan/scarf combination.

I love thin, open cardigans like this one in the spring and summer over a crop top or thin tank. Obviously, it is currently the dead of winter and approximately 6 degrees outside, but after I had packed up all my clothes last night, I found this cardigan still lying outside my suitcase. To make it more winter-appropriate, I made sure to layer a long sleeve shirt underneath and add a heavy scarf over top. By adding layers, a few accessories, and season-appropriate shoes, it's easy to transition your warmer weather clothes to winter. I'm a broke college student and I can't afford a whole new seasonal wardrobe anyway... that money could be better spent on Chinese food. 

It's been three months and I still love my over the knee boots! I found a similar pair I'm absolutely in love with here. Obviously, mine were about 1/16th of the price (see aforementioned broke college student st atement above^^), but maybe I'll get really lucky and find them discounted somewhere. 
Alternatively, there's always Chinese food. 

Cardigan- Gap
Shirt- Forever 21
Jeans- American Eagle