Saturday, December 28, 2013

DAY 191

I'm a really indecisive person. This is true in reference to deciding what to eat to picking a personal style. As such, my personal style generally ends up being a combination of several different trends or styles. I love contrast in outfits- contrasting textures, colours, cuts, and styles makes an outfit more interesting.

Today, I used contrast in creating a look that was a combination of preppy (sweater with a collared shirt tucked under and riding boots), grunge (oversized flannel), and chic (leather leggings). Pairing the flannel under the sweater is different than the usual oxford or fitted button downs and adds warmth to the outfit that is perfect for a winter day! Since this particular sweater is a little long, I could wear it with leggings and not have it look trashy. 

The key to creating contrast in an outfit is to use reason. This is not an excuse to contrast loud animal prints and furry clothes and call it fashion- use complementing colours or textures that end up looking chic when paired together rather than overwhelming. For example, if you're going with a furry sweater like this one from Topshop, balance it out with a muted texture like these leggings. Contrast doesn't have to mean busy prints or distracting colours!

Sweater- thrifted
Flannel- thrifted
Leather leggings-
Boots- Enzo Angiolini (can buy at Nordstroms or Macy's) 
Pearl earrings- Claire's