Saturday, December 21, 2013

DAY 186

I wore this all black look to do some late holiday shopping and go see a movie with one of my friends from high school tonight. This being the first time I've left my house in days, I decided to throw on something a little trendier and opted for an all - black look, which if you've read my blog you know is a favourite trend of mine. 

To make it less chic and more casual for a Saturday night, I wore a simple sweater with leather leggings and moto buckle booties. One of the perks of being home is that I have access to allllll the billions of hair accessories I've collected over the years, so when I found this cute little crochet bow clip, I decided to incorporate it into my outfit. The girly vibe from the bow balances out the otherwise grungy look perfectly! And since by some miracle it was 70 degrees today, I didn't have to bother with a jacket at all. 

Sweater- Forever 21
Lace crochet bow- vintage

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