Thursday, December 12, 2013

DAY 179

I took a break from studying today to head to the downtown mall of Charlottesville with one of my friends. "Downtown" may be a really strong word to describe this place, which is really just a cute little cobblestone street full of restaurants, movie theatres, and shops. 

I ended up spending the day shopping- Urban Outfitters was having a 50% off sale, so I naturally ended up spending a little more time than necessary trying on every single article of clothing- and picked up some really cute new clothes. Call it retail therapy to relieve stress, but it was honestly just an excuse to get out of my bed and see how Christmasy the mall has gotten. We also stopped for crepes at this little (literal) hole in the wall place. Unfortunately there was no seating so we ate outside and it was freezing, but it was all very picturesque and it was different from dining hall food so hey, I'm not complaining.

I wore a grey thermal shirt since it was so cold and paired it with some skinny black pants and cheetah print flats for some contrast. Cheetah is one of those prints that can be considered a neutral and is therefore good to pair with any colour! Just avoid loud prints that might clash or other animal printed items- the goal is New York City chic, not Jersey Shore inspired. They worked well with my outfit to spice up an otherwise very neutral look.

The crepe stand! I got cinnamon and sugar crepes. The picture isn't very pretty but it was one of the best crepes of my life

Thermal- H&M
Black Pants- Marshalls
Cheetah Flats- Target
Ring- Forever 21 
Watch- LouLou
Bag- Italy
Aviators- from a New York boutique


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