Tuesday, December 10, 2013

DAY 177

The first day of studying in the library was not a success.. I am a grade A procrastinator and get more distracted than anyone I know. So while I ended up being in the library for close to six hours, I didn't actually make any progress on my paper until about 4 am this morning, which is why I've just now woken up and it's 5 pm! I don't have another final until Saturday though, so I have a few days to sleep and panic before my next exam. 

I wore a large cream cardigan that I'm not sure where exactly it's from (I got it from my mom's closet) with a cream scarf, leather leggings, and black combat boots. 

Anyone who knows me knows about my deep rooted love for infinity scarves; however, a problem I consistently face is that I am not currently in possession of an infinity scarf. I've been on the hunt for oversized knit circle scarves for YEARS now but haven't been able to find any, unfortunately. To remedy this, I like to tie some of my thicker and longer scarves together by the end tassels, and hiding the tied bit behind my hair. For a last minute fix, it works pretty well! 

Sweater- my mother's
Scarf- Esprit
Leather leggings- Tobi
Ring- Greece
Combat boots- Marshalls

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