Sunday, December 8, 2013

DAY 176

Today marks the beginning of about a week and a half dedicated to "final exam attire". Essentially this is my way of motivating myself to try and find a week's worth of outfits that are suitable for studying or finals but are not in the sweatpants/sweatshirt/pajamas category.

I wore one of my festive Christmas sweaters today with my black skinny pants from Marshalls. I added some light pink knit socks and moto buckle boots to keep warm (it actually snowed today!) and because I have a really limited shoe collection for the winter. I'm a broke university student.. it's to be expected!

Knits of all sorts are great for exam season because they're the cuter version of the sweatshirt that serve the same function and work just as well at keeping you warm. Plus, they're more likely to make you feel festive when studying for your media law exam is rapidly draining all your Christmas spirit. Put on some Christmas study music and you're good to go! 

Sweater- my mother's
Pants- Marshall's
Booties- JustFab


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