Friday, November 29, 2013

DAY 167

I have a love-hate relationship with Black Friday. I always hype it up in my head beforehand when, in reality, the sales aren't that great and can also be found online to avoid waking up before the sun is even up and to also avoid being trampled by over-eager middle aged women looking for Christmas presents for their children. As someone who hates crowds and also hates slow walkers, the hell that is Black Friday is never worth it in the end... although I did get some things that I've been looking for for a long time, so that's good! And I also got a blender marked down from $70 to $19. Arguably my proudest purchase. 

My outfit for a long day of shopping, changing, and elbowing my way through crowds was comfortable and good for trying things on. I always like to wear either plain leggings or jeans so I can try on shirts and see what they would look like, and also like wearing a simple shirt to avoid dealing with buttons. 

I wore my leather leggings, a red shirt and brown cardigan (not visible), and a silk printed scarf under my camel coloured peacoat for warmth. To carry my shopping bags, I brought my Longchamp tote. 

Peacoat- Landsend
Scarf- Italy
Bag- Le Pliage
Red shirt and cardigan- both from Zara
Boots- JustFab


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