Friday, November 15, 2013

DAY 154

Happy Friday! 

I kept today's outfit really simple and comfortable because it's Friday and who wants to wear heeled booties or fashionable but constricting clothes on a Friday? No one, that's who. 

Flannel is always my go-to for comfortable days because it doesn't look quite as much like you've completely given up as yoga pants or sweatshirts do. This particular number was taken from my brother's closet a few years ago and I have no plans to ever return it. It was perfect paired with riding boots because after class, some girls from my sorority and I went to an apple orchard! It was such a beautiful day and not as cold as it has been, so all in all I'd say a pretty successful Friday. 

Some cute halloween/fall decor at the orchard store

The view from the top of the mountain. It was such a beautiful day! All natural lighting, too

Flannel- Old Navy 
Jeggings- American Eagle
Boots- Enzo Angiolini
Sunglasses- Ray Bans



  1. Pretty and cute, nice looks ! I would like to follow your blog ( have you a link tool to follow ? )

  2. Thank you so much! There should be a follow button on the right hand sign above the bio. I also have instagram, lookbook, and chictopia, make sure to check out all of them if you can. I really appreciate the support xx