Monday, November 4, 2013

DAY 143

Since my love and need for sweaters is growing exponentially with each colder day we get, I've decided to branch out of standard sweaters and into the realm of the turtleneck. When people think of turtlenecks, they typically think of their kindergarten years or wearing a turtleneck to accompany your mom jeans. If you find a good quality turtleneck though, with more mature colours or patterns, it is easy to look sophisticated and still be warm at the same time! Plus there's a built in scarf, which is always a bonus.

This particular one was taken from my mom's closet, so it's probably not available in stores anymore. I paired it with a similarly coloured lip to make it more festive for the fall and added black fitted pants and over the knee boots for a chic look. 

Burgundy turtleneck- Laura Ashley
Black pants- Marshalls
Boots- JustFab
Burgundy lip- Wet & Wild "Cherry Bomb"


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