Sunday, October 27, 2013

DAY 135

I decided to deviate from my usual slob-Sunday look because I had a bunch of errands and meetings to go to all day and therefore had to look semi-put together. Hence, the cheetah print flats: something about them just makes me feel sophisticated and like I should be running around New York City drinking a lot of Starbucks, Gossip Girl-style. 

To go with the flats, I wore a simple red tank, grey cardigan, and my favourite skinny jeans. To keep warm and add something extra to the outfit, I also added this printed scarf that reminds me of an oriental carpet that we used to have at my grandma's house. Contrary to popular belief, you can mix prints and not look over-the-top; just make sure that the prints don't clash and have relatively similar colour schemes! 

Skinny jeans- American Eagle
Tank top- my mother's 
Cardigan- American Eagle
Flats- Target
Silver ring- Greece
Silver earrings- Target


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