Wednesday, October 23, 2013

DAY 131

I love 90s style- think 90210 or Fresh Prince- and try to incorporate it whenever I can into my wardrobe. I love the shoulder pads on this thrifted blazer as well as the more masculine fit of it, both of which were huge 90s fashion trends. Figuring I had limited days to wear it before the winter weather hit Charlottesville, I decided to wear it today paired with simple black clothes underneath to make the vibrant red colour pop. 

My order came in yesterday (woo!) and in it were these amazing faux- leather leggings. I had taken advantage of a massive 50% off sale Tobi had a few weeks ago, so I got them for about $16 which isn't bad at all considering leather is proving to be such an important fall staple this year. I love them because they aren't overly shiny and don't look cheap, and the texture is a cute contrast to regular leggings. Will definitely be wearing these frequently in the months to come!

Blazer- thrifted
Tank top- Target
Necklace- my mother's
Hoops- my mother's
Boots- JustFab
Red lip- Wet & Wild's "A Currant Affair"


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