Friday, October 11, 2013

DAY 119

Today was the last day of class before a four day "reading day" break. I am travelling up to Boston to see my family, so I've had to pack quite a lot into a very small suitcase. For packing, the key is to pack basics that you can easily layer (tank tops, sweaters, etc.). 

For today I wore this new sweater I got from Goodwill over a pink tank for a pop of colour (and also because without it the sweater would be see-through and that is a typically frowned upon look). Then I added leggings and my over the knee boots since they are my bulkiest shoes so that way I wouldn't have to add them to my luggage. 

Pink tank- GAP
Leggings- Target
Sweater- Goodwill
Bracelets- Italy and Greece
Rings- Greece
Boots- JustFab
Coin Necklace- Greece

1 comment:

  1. Love everything about this look!!! It's so chic yet seems effortless!! Great job :-)