Thursday, October 3, 2013

DAY 111

I decided to put aside the boots for one day and bring back the all-stars. I've missed them. And they're comfortable. 
I was reading back some of my latest posts and I've literally been rotating between the same three-four pairs of shoes for the past few weeks.. I swear I have other shoes! I just need to figure out how to incorporate them!

For today's outfit, I went with a more relaxed look. I paired this t-shirt over a skirt that my grandma actually made for my mother when she was in high school (steal) and added a cardigan for warmth, a necklace to dress it up, and my all-stars. I love this top because it's actually a crop top, so it goes well untucked with skirts or dresses, but it's not too short either, so it's perfect for class! 

Top- my mom's
Skirt- my mom's
Necklace- my mom's (notice a trend here)
Shoes- All-stars in Ivory
Cardigan- Garage



  1. This outfit is so cute! I especially love the chunky cardigan. And who doesn't love a pair of all stars! You look great :)