Friday, September 20, 2013

DAY 98

I took advantage of one of the potentially last warm-ish days to play around with textures and lengths. The sweater adds warmth and texture, while the cutoffs make it a bit more appropriate for night time. No matter how much I love layering and fall fashion, I'm definitely gonna miss wearing these shorts out! It makes getting ready a whole lot easier to just switch up the top and keep the same denim shorts from earlier that day.

Speaking of fall fashion, I am looong overdue for a Goodwill run. I need to get more sweaters and such and there is honestly no better place to find cheap sweaters than a thrift store! I'm also looking to find some fall trends such as more leather items or bold patterns, so stay tuned for any DIY's in the next few weeks.

Sweater- thrifted
High waisted shorts- DIY'd
All-star high tops
Bracelets- Assorted from Italy, Greece, India, and Morocco (I like to travel)


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