Wednesday, September 18, 2013

DAY 96

I recently purchased my first pair of shoes from! I'd been looking for over the knee black boots for fall and winter for a long time, so when I found these for only $20 (and free shipping) I knew I had to get them. I can already tell they're going to be a staple for this season, as black and leather are very in right now, which you can tell if you've been following fashion week like a fiend (like I have instead of doing my sociology readings. I don't regret it).

I also have a very large collection of clip on earrings. These are not your ordinary cheap and colourful clip ons you can get at Claire's; these are large ones that I stole from my mother and giagia (grandmother in Greek). They're really vintagey and oversized and I love wearing them as statement pieces!

Silk tank- Urban
Long sleeve cardigan- Zara
Jeggings- American Eagle
Boots- JustFab
Gold ring- a friend made it for me! Isn't it cute?
Arrow ring- Laila Rowe
Earrings- Greece


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