Monday, September 9, 2013

DAY 87

Not sure if I've mentioned it in previous posts (not sure why I would have, either), but I'm in AXO at my uni! While this is great in many respects and I absolutely love being in my sorority, Greek life in general does have one tiny downside.

And that downside is called Formal Chapter.

It's not that chapter meetings themselves are bad- it's just that for formal chapter, which happens every few weeks, we have to dress up and meet for an hour on a Monday night and go through a bunch of traditions and announcements. This requires a bit more effort, and any effort required on my part on a Monday night is generally not going to be well received. The dress code is strict (ish) too- no jeans, leggings, or shorts- so for today's chapter meeting I wore this coral blazer I found at Marshalls a few years ago for only $20 and a simple dress. I love the contrast the bright neon and the navy blue have! 

Blazer- Marshall's
Skater dress- H&M
Gladiators- Greece


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