Sunday, September 1, 2013

DAY 79

I went out for Sunday brunch at a local bar with some friends this morning (read: bottomless mimosas and all the bacon/doughnut bites you can eat... mmm), so I kept my outfit classy but casual with a knit top from Zara and a colourful circle skirt. For accessories, I kept it pretty simple with my usual assorted gold rings and tiny stud earrings, which aren't visible in the pictures. Aviators were unfortunately a must to disguise the dark circles under my eyes from a few nights of little to no sleep. 

The rest of my day was far less stylish, as I had a ton of reading to catch up on for classes tomorrow (yes, we still have class on Labor Day in uni) and some personal problems to deal with. But hey, at least I managed one decent outfit for the day! 

Rings- Greece, Laila Rowe
Skirt- Forever 21
Top- Zara
Shoes- Greece
Aviators- Ray Bans


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