Thursday, September 26, 2013

DAY 104

This vintage baseball tee I took from my dad's closet right before I left for UVA has to be my favourite article of clothing I own. Not only is it ridiculously comfortable and perfect for lazy days (or basically any day of the week, lets be honest), but I absolutely LOVE the vintage-retro feel! Pair it with leggings for the fall or with high waisted shorts in the summer and you're good to go! 

Baseball tee- Dad's
Leggings- Papaya
Shoes- All-stars 
Coin necklace- Greece
Rings- Greece
Hoops- Greece


  1. I really like this outfit (actually I like a lot of them, but didn't want to seem over the top commenting on individual posts :P ), you look so comfortable and still put together...definitely similar to my style of dressing! I enjoyed looking at your outfit combinations and definitely drew inspiration from them :-)