Sunday, September 22, 2013

DAY 100

A typical Sunday outfit is generally code for a lazy outfit. It being Sunday and all, today was no exception: I didn't have to leave the house except to go to a meeting, so I basically lounged around in leggings and an oversized linen button down (yes I wore it to the beach all summer, and yes I plan on wearing it every season in some way or another because it's so damn comfortable) watching 30 Rock all day. 

I found this old yellow shirt with a braided neckline (I tried to include a close up in the last pic, but I don't think it's that visible) and used it to brighten up the outfit a little. Love these knock-off Keds from Target; I have them in a lot of colours cause they're so versatile and cheap! 

ALSO: today marks the 100th day I've been keeping up with this style portfolio!! It's probably the longest I've been dedicated to anything, actually, and I think it's really helped me with figuring out what I want to do with my life. I love writing and I love fashion, so I'll be looking for internships combining the two this summer! I also wanted to say that when I started this in July (or June, I can't really remember at the moment), I did it purely as a personal portfolio and style collection. I didn't tell any of my friends or family that I was doing it- I still haven't, really, except for a few people who found out- because I wanted it to be more private. So when I started getting emails and even a few comments from perfect strangers, I was really grateful and completely shocked that people actually were reading my blog! Thank you so much to anyone reading this who has kept up with my ramblings, it means a lot.

Yellow top- Gap
Linen button-down- Banana Republic
Leggings- Papaya
Shoes- Target


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