Wednesday, August 21, 2013

DAY 68

Check any fashion site or magazine and I can guarantee you that around this time of year there are always articles about carrying your summer essentials into fall. I'm all for this idea-let's be honest, does anyone ACTUALLY have enough clothes to form completely separate wardrobes for each season? of course not- but the reverse should also be encouraged: wearing fall colours and styles in the summer.

I'm not talking scarves and sweaters (although there are great light weight summer versions of both- I've been obsessing over this Brandy sweater and this Nasty Gal cropped sweater for a while) because in the heat of the summer, it's a little impractical to be wearing them. 

I mean colours! Forest greens, deep purples, navy blues, and oxblood reds are some of the most universally flattering colours, since dark colours look good on everyone, and as such should not be restricted to cooler months. 
Plus, they make a tan look real good.

I love this green light weight top that a friend gave me for all around the year, and for the summer, pairing it with shorts is a good way to keep balance in an outfit and ensure you don't die of overheating. 

Top- Forever 21
Shorts- Aerie
Sandals- Target
Bag- Old Navy
Aviators- Ray Ban
Watch- Lou Lou


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