Thursday, July 25, 2013

DAY 41

I'm flying to Greece today! I've been counting down the days for a few weeks now.. I miss being tan and eating good food (sorry UVA dining). Unfortunately for this portfolio, it means I'll be out of outfit updates for three weeks now due to a lack of wifi/my computer is an old Dell computer and I am NOT bringing it with me through security cause it's too damn heavy. I'll still be taking daily outfit pictures though and when I return, I'll figure out how to incorporate them into the blog!

Travel outfits are important. You wanna look good (generally speaking) and be comfortable/warm, because eight hour airplane trips in a freezing airplane sitting next to a screaming kid in a tiny seat is not enjoyable in skirts and flip flops. Go for layering and be sure to keep your jewelry to a minimum. You do not want to be that bitch that makes everyone wait twenty minutes in the metal detectors because you chose to wear all your stackable bracelets on one day. 

For shoes, make sure you wear comfortable shoes! My all-stars are my go-to, although flats (they're quick to take on and off for security) or boots (when it's cold, wearing boots is a very good idea) are also good options.

Headband- London 
Orange tank top- American Rag
Chambray shirt- Garage
Tote- Longchamp Le Pliage (biggest size)
Arrow ring- Laila Rowe
Shoes- All-stars
Leggings- Papaya


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