Sunday, July 21, 2013

DAY 37

Find your colour.
This, along with "never leave the house in crocs", is some of the best fashion advice I've heard. Find a few key colours that work with your complexion, hair colour, and eye colour, and build your wardrobe around them. This helps with shopping as well, as it narrows your options and cuts down on money and time! Finding your colour is the difference between someone saying "you look amazing!" and "that's an amazing shirt!"; when you wear your colour, people notice you more, and you just look better.

For me, red is one of those colours. I have olive-ish skin (Mediterranean genes coming in handy), brown hair, and brown eyes, and from repeated trials, I have found that the colour red really compliments my features and therefore, I tend to wear a lot of it!

Here I wore one of my favourite dresses from Tobi for a dinner out with some friends. I love this dress- the colour is great, the cut is simple and flattering for every body shape (and forgiving if/when I eat too much and develop a food baby), and it's really versatile! I highly recommend for all dresses- they always have discounts and the dresses are beautiful and generally reasonably priced. 

Dress- Tobi
Silver and turquoise ring- Greece
Coin necklace- Greece
Wedges- Target



  1. I love the dress! It really compliments your skin tone and you're rocking those wedges. Effortless and gorgeous.