Thursday, July 18, 2013

DAY 34

From looking through my blog, it is easy to tell that I am more of a flats girl than a heels girl. Could be cause I'm already almost 5'10 and tower over everyone as is (which is fine if it's just my friends, but once I start being taller than any cute guys in the vicinity, we have a problem), or it could be simply because I am far clumsier than is socially acceptable to be when you're almost 20. 

So, needless to say, I love my boots; ESPECIALLY my combat boots. These babies have been with me through 9am classes, frat parties (and the beer spills and other various stains that arise from those situations), and long trips, and I love them. The 90 degree weather was not gonna stop me from wearing them, and so I love wearing them with short skirts or short shorts to give my outfits a grungier look. Generally, brown combat boots would work better in the summer than black, but for this particular style black worked out just fine.

Grey slouchy top- Urban Outfitters
Coral tight skirt- H & M
Combat boots- Marshalls
Heart pendant necklace- Forever 21
Black sunglasses- Knockarounds 
Silver coil bracelet- Greece



  1. I'm completely in love with your combat boots! The inside lining is SO adorable!