Monday, July 8, 2013

DAY 24

Today was just another hot day in which I did nothing besides work and go to Target. What I discovered at Target was that they have a mark-down schedule! Basically, you can get pretty much anything at Target for 30%-70% off if you wait long enough.. definitely a great site and worth trying! Here it is just incase I forget how to find it again (which, knowing my forgetfulness, is bound to happen):

Speaking of Target, I bought these great black t-strap sandals for about $15 there! I love their sandal collections- they  have so many different styles and colours for under $20. Probably not as good quality as my other sandals, but they will do just fine for a few seasons. And anyways, I needed a pair of black sandals.

Also, this entire outfit collectively cost less than $30.. who says shopping at cheap stores doesn't work?!

Top- my mother's 
Skirt- Papaya (!) 
Black sandals- Target
Black cross-body bag- Old Navy
Sunglasses- the dollar tree? I think 


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