Sunday, July 7, 2013

DAY 21

SO I don't know if this still counts even if I didn't post the past two days, but I didn't have computer access as I was at MIDSUMMERS! It's basically a reunion party weekend at UVA and it was so much fun.. only downside is I will need about a week to fully recover and I have to be at work by 9 AM tomorrow.
I'm just going to divide up these posts into separate pages because they were taken on all different days, so this is what I wore on Friday, the 5th of July. The day mostly consisted of travel to get to Charlottesville and then parties later, for which I actually wore the same outfit, just removed the cardigan.

I realise that I've featured this cardigan and these shorts pretty much every other day, but that's cause they are so versatile and I prefer having a few staple pieces that just go with everything. It makes planning outfits so much easier!

Cardigan- Garage
Shorts- DIY'd
Crop top- an old tank I had when I was like 9 
Rings- Greece/F21
Coin necklace- Greece







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