Thursday, July 4, 2013

DAY 20

I made it to day 20!!! wheeeeeeee!

Happy 4th of July to Americans, and to everyone else, happy Thursday! Two more days till the weekend! 

The 4th is the perfect time to break out all your Americana-themed clothes that are only acceptable to wear to themed parties the rest of the year. For example, I brought and DIY'd this crop top from a local thrift store. It's super cute and I would totally wear it during the day, except I learned the hard way that it's not looked upon kindly to wear party clothes in daylight (I may or may not have worn it to the school dining hall for brunch after a long night out..the weird glares I got gave me the hint).

(sorry for the bad quality- they were taken on an iphone)
Top- thrifted & DIY'd
Shorts- thrifted & DIY'd
Bandana- an old gingham napkin
Spiral bracelet- Greece (mother's)
Hoop earrings- Greece (mother's)


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