Wednesday, July 3, 2013

DAY 19

My closet's composition looks something like this: 20% store-bought clothes, 15% thrifted clothes, and 65% clothes that I stole from my mother/father/brother/grandmother. Seriously, the best way to get a lot of clothes for cheap-free, actually, unless for some weird reason your relatives charge you for taking their clothes- is borrowing (or in my case, just never returning) clothes from your family. Since my mother's side of the family is from Greece, and most of my clothes are either my grandmother's or my mother's, I have a lot of vintage "European"- style clothing I absolutely LOVE and wear on a pretty regular basis. 

Today, I was home alone and took this opportunity to once again raid my parents' closets. Good thing I did too, because just as I thought I had already gone through all their clothes, what did I find? FOUR WHOLE BOXES in the back of my dad's closet! This provided three hours of me trying on and styling all these cool old clothes I found.. can't wait to put together more outfits using my new pieces!

Another thing I found is a box of my old clothes from when I was between 8-14 (I'm now 19). Just for sentimental reasons, I tried on an old striped t-shirt that I used to wear practically every day, and discovered that it fit perfectly but was just a little short! Upon further discovery, I found at least eight more old shirts that fit me size-wise but are midriff-baring. This means that I now have eight new crop tops, and they were absolutely FREE! I love shopping my parents' closets.

One thing I found were a lot of old button downs, and this one I wore today I particularly love because of the puffy, Aladdin-esque sleeves. 

Button down blouse- my mother's
Turquoise skirt (it's much brighter in reality, the flash washed it out)- Forever 21
Booties- Forever 21
Green ring- Forever 21
Silver ring- my mother's
Headband- gifted


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