Monday, July 1, 2013

DAY 17

Today was a very, very, very bad hair day. My hair is naturally a strange texture between  crimped and stick straight, and since it's so long, it is also prone to becoming very stringy/limp at the ends (this may or may not be because I haven't cut my hair in about two years..). I have big plans for it at the end of the summer, but for now, I'm trying to work with what I have, which is good for long hairstyles but unfortunately not very good for hot days like today, where I have hair that is poufy in all the wrong places and greasy up near the roots. It makes it hard to find cute ways to get my hair out of my face.

  Hence the lime green headband. 
In retrospect, this was probably not the most fashionable option, but hey, I was late for work and I was already wearing it to keep hair out of my face as I washed it this morning. 

Since the headband was so bright, I decided to pair it with a neutral sweater-shorts combo. This is one of my absolute favourite trends, and when you wear light-weight sweaters like the one from Forever 21 I am wearing, it's not too impractical for hot days. 

Headband- Who even knows, I've had it since age 8
White shorts- American Eagle
Cropped sweater- Forever 21
Bangles- Greece

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