Thursday, June 20, 2013


I'm not much of a dress person; I'll wear them occasionally for occasions where it's REQUIRED to wear them, but usually, "dressing up" means dressing up pants or shorts with heels or wedges for me. Since I'm like ten feet tall, dresses tend to be super short on me or fit differently than they were intended to, so I usually wear my sundresses with sandals to avoid falling/flashing everyone. 

I've also been totally obsessed with gladiators since age four.. could be cause I'm Greek, but I've always had at least one good pair to wear daily in the summer. I love that they're casual yet elegant at the same time!

When dealing with a bold outfit colour that's the main piece of the outfit, like this orange-red dress (it's turned up redder in the pictures than it is in real life for some reason), I like to either play it safe with neutrals or metallics (gold and red will always be one of my favourite colour combinations, hence the gold bracelet and ring) or you can colour block. I did both, and I absolutely love the contrast the red dress and the turquoise necklace provide! To make both colours pop, use colours that are directly opposite one another on the colour wheel- for example, orange and blue. 

Dress- Target
Turquoise necklace- my mother's from Italy
Gold cuff bracelet- Body Central
Gold arrow ring- Skiathos, Greece
Gladiator sandals- Monastiraki, Greece


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