Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Today was also a pretty chill day- luckily I got out of work early so I decided to go out with a friend and see a movie/wander around the painfully small town I live in. It was kind of cold and also rainy outside, and styling summer clothes around this kind of weather is always hard because you don't want to wear too many layers (no matter what you tell yourself, you WILL overheat. It's June.) To dress for rainy summer weather as oppose to rainy autumn/winter weather, start with basics and layer accordingly- I love wearing over sized shirts anyways, and with the sleeves rolled up, it creates a casual look that is warm but also easily removable should you get too hot. For shoes, I wore the shoes I wear pretty much every day- my high-top all-stars- to protect my feet from the bad weather. 

White v-neck t-shirt- Forever 21
Black leggings- Old Navy
Rings- Greece
Coin necklace- Greece
Ivory high-tops- Allstars
Red long-sleeve shirt-my mother's (originally from Banana Republic)


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