Saturday, June 15, 2013


As a fashion and styling junkie, I decided it was about time I do something to further my love for clothes. Hence, I've come up with "la vie en mode"; a 365 day style project that will serve to document my wardrobe for 365 days in a row. In addition to creating a motivation for me to wear something other than sorority t-shirts and leggings, this blog creates a place for me to catalog my looks and create my very own lookbook! The site was created as a way to personally keep track of my style instead of using a paper copy (I am ridiculously good at losing/destroying most things I own), but if anyone wants to read this, welcome and I hope you enjoy!

For today, I chose to dress up a simple t-shirt with an oversized blazer and some absurdly high red stilettos- not very practical for an average day, but I'm not really that concerned with practicality. I especially love the shoulder pads on the blazer- they add a 90s touch that I absolutely love!
Also, excuse the shit quality.. I had to resort to using my iPhone due to a sudden technological difficulty with my camera. 

                                                               blazer- thrifted
                                                                                    heels- target
                                                                                    graphic tee- delia's
                                                                                    high-waisted shorts- tommy hilfilger
                                                                                    tribal earrings- forever 21 


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